Karakutu & the Institute of Public Policy & the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation were busy bees in April and May, 2017 implementing the project “Workshop for Turkish-Armenian Dialogue and Memory Walk”.

The purpose of the Workshop has been to increase dialogue and partnership among students of social sciences, to develop inclusive discourses in the Armenian-Turkish relations and increase awareness of the largely marginalized peace and conflict transformation narratives. The Workshop has built capacity in young professionals integrating conflict transformation practices into their academic paths and empowering them to get engaged in fostering a culture of dialogue and coexistence between their societies building a vision for the future of the Armenian-Turkish relations.

The initiative consisted of two phases. On April 24-28, 2017, a group of 8 students from Armenia traveled to Turkey and engaged in dialogue and learning experiences with their 8 counterparts from Turkey, including site visits and guest lectures. The Imagine Center used its methodology to lead the Dialogue sessions and Karakutu organized a Memory Walk for the participants as an alternative method to remember past violence, conflicts and wrongdoings, and to establish a peaceful and equal society. As a method, the Memory Walk provided young people with the opportunity of hearing alternative narratives and improving their critical thinking skills about the hegemonic historical narratives. On May 11-16, 2017, the group of students from Turkey traveled to Armenia and continued their dialogue and learning activities through city visits and demo implementation of a Memory Walk.

This activity took place within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process programme, funded by the European Union.