Other Activities and Projects

Capturing the Mountain, June 2012

Capturing the Mountain,  Turkish-Armenian Dialogue, June 2012

Over the years, the Imagine Center’s alumni have initiated many other smaller initiatives, including an on-line fiction book called “The Road to Nowhere” on the future of the Caucasus that has been co-authored by an Armenian and an Azerbaijani; meetings of youth with opinion-makers and politicians; conflict-related discussion sessions at universities, and more.

One of such projects is the project Capturing the Mountain that started in 2012 and engaged a group of Turks and Armenians into a dialogue meant to develop a multi-layered understanding of the formation of collective memory and the current challenges in the two societies. The group “captures” the various perspectives of the participants on film and plans a joint hike to the summit of the symbolically significant Mount Ararat/Agri Dagi in the future.